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Wake up at or before 5am: complete (Woke up at 4:30)

Train for an hour: complete (TrainxStrength @ EBF)

Read/listen to an audiobook for an hour: complete (Listened to audiobook for an hour)


Today’s Notes:

Mental toughness gets a lot of publicity and it’s something that all hardworking people try to cultivate, but I think mental endurance is something that doesn’t get talked about very much. If mental toughness is the ability to push past pain (ie: completing a triathlon), then I would describe mental endurance as the ability to push past pain consistently and recover from burnout quickly. Of course I think both are important, but mental endurance gets all the credit for the work I’ve been putting in recently.

Mental endurance can be improved in the same way that muscular or cardiovascular endurance can be improved: by working consistently at 70%-90% of capacity every day over time. Put in some work on the weekends to improve recovery (light jogging/walking after long/hard runs) and mentally your down time will feel much more relaxing and reinvigorating, and it will make getting back to work easier since you will continue the momentum throughout the weekend.

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